With the guidance of the Office of Student Affairs, students are ultimately responsible for their quarterly course registration. This includes registering in courses that correspond to their degree requirements and meeting the School of Music’s enrollment deadlines.


Student Affairs provides walk-in advising throughout the week during specified hours. Students are encouraged to make advising appointments for issues/concerns requiring more time and attention. Students should email their academic advisor to make an appointment. Freshmen and transfer students are required to meet with the undergraduate advisor at least once a quarter during their first-year.


DARS is used to review the credit students have earned, and determine which requirements of their degree are outstanding. Students are responsible for periodically (at least once per quarter) checking their degree audit to ensure requirements are met. To view an audit, a student must:

  1. Log on to MyUCLA (
  2. At the top right-hand corner, open “Academics” link.
  3. Under “Academic Profile,” select “Degree Progress/Audit Report.”
  4. Once on the Degree Audit Self Service page, select “New Audit.”
  5. Run a new audit by selecting “Run Current Program.”
  6. Click “Run Audit.”


FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Under FERPA, the University cannot release information about a student to third parties, including parents/family members. Student consent is required to grant third party access to view various academic records. Please note: third party access does not imply full access. Family members who wish to discuss a student’s progress with an academic advisor must obtain further approval on a case-by-case basis by the student via a signed waiver available at OSSEM.


Email correspondence with Student Affairs Officers are confidential. All correspondence must include a subject line, name, and UID. Students should ensure their email addresses are updated through MyUCLA.


Students who wish to change their major must notify their academic advisor immediately, and submit a Change of Major petition to the School or College of their new major. Students MAY NOT remain a School of Music major while not taking courses for School of Music or major progress, or completing prerequisites for a new major. Once a student decides not to enroll in the normal progression of School of Music requirements and has earned no more than 90 units, the student should declare an “undeclared major” in the College of Letters & Science. Students who have exceeded 90 units must immediately meet with their academic advisor to come up with a plan to exit the major. Failure to declare an “undeclared major” or pre-major, or meet with their academic advisor will result in a “hold” on a student’s records, restricting future registration and enrollment at UCLA.


Students interested in studying abroad during the academic year must meet with their academic advisor for procedures and clearance.


Students receiving School of Music departmental scholarships must abide by scholarship requirements outlined in their offer letters. Students who change majors or do not fulfill scholarship requirements are subject to scholarship cancelations. All scholarship charges to a student’s BruinBill are the responsibility of the student.

Continuing students interested in continuing their departmental aid or requesting additional aid for the following academic year must submit a “Continuing Student Scholarship Request Form” application during winter quarter.


All graduating seniors are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor two quarters before they intend to graduate to discuss plans for degree completion. Additionally, it is the graduating seniors’ responsibility to monitor their degree progress as they approach graduation and work with their academic advisor to ensure degree completion.

All students who complete 160 units must identify and declare the term they are expected to graduate through MyUCLA. The last day to declare candidacy for the current term (with fee depending on units completed) is Friday of the second week of classes. Fees are implemented when students change their degree terms.