Junior Recitals

Music major students must complete their junior recital by the end of their third year in consultation with their studio instructor. Transfer students must consult with their studio instructor for junior recital completion date.

Junior recitals should be no less than 20 minutes and no more than 25 minutes of music per performer, including breaks between numbers. Two such recitals must be combined to present one full recital.

Senior Recitals

Music major students must complete a senior recital by the end of their final year at UCLA.

Global Jazz Studies students must complete a recital (or alternate capstone project) by the end of their final year at UCLA.  Students must enroll in Global Jazz Studies 186A during the Winter quarter of their final year and must enroll in Global Jazz Studies 186B during either the Winter or Spring of their final year.

Senior recitals should contain a maximum of 50 minutes of music and be no longer than one hour including intermission and breaks between numbers.

Recital Clearance for Degree Completion

When students have completed their recitals, they must submit an Undergraduate Recital Completion Form with a copy of their program and their instructor’s signature.

Students must submit a completed Recital Completion Form in order to be cleared from their recital requirements.

The following steps are provided to help you in the process of preparing for and completing your recital. The recital program must be approved prior to scheduling your recital.

  1. Complete the MM/DMA Recital Program Approval Form by obtaining signatures from your teacher and Division Director.
  2. Submit signed Recital Approval Form for Graduate Committee review to graduate advisor Allison Taka (SMB 1642).
  3. Upload program to the Recital Review Site; you can set a recital date only after the program has been approved. The first step in submitting your recital is to initially supply the following items (click on “Recital Request” tab):
  • Recital level
  • Your instrument or voice
  • Upload your program as a word doc, a jpg, or as a pdf
  1. Your program information will be received by the Graduate Committee for review and approval. You will be notified by email when they approve or request changes to your program. The email notification will be sent to your UCLA Logon ID email account.
  2. When your program is approved, you will be able to schedule a theater venue for your recital online. Since all committee members must attend your recital, you should make sure they are able to attend your recital on the established date. (The MM committee must be composed of at least three faculty members, two of whom must be senate faculty members. Your major teacher is one member; you must nominate the others. Use the MM Recital Committee Request Form.)
  3. When you have confirmed your faculty, and reserved your theater venue online, you will be able to return to the Recital Review Site (click on “Edit Recital” tab) and provide the rest of the information regarding your recital. You will then be able to add the recital location, your invited faculty members, and other details about your recital.
  4. After your recital performance, your invited faculty members will provide an online review and your grade for the recital. You will be able to read the evaluations your committee members have submitted here. Please allow at least two days after the recital before reminding your committee members to submit the review.
  5. After the concert, you may be asked to upload a sound file, which would also take place by returning to the Recital Review Site.

CANCELLATION: To cancel a reservation at any time, please refer to the email you received confirming your reservation (there is an embedded link on this email to cancel your reservation). Cancellations will be accepted up to one week prior to your recital date. Cancellations less than one week prior to your recital date must be approved by your faculty member and the chair of the department by email to theater@schoolofmusic.ucla.edu. Failure to cancel your recital in the appropriate timeframe will result in forfeiting any future recital reservation in the theaters.

Pianos: When you request use of a piano on the ‘Recital Questionnaire’ an e-mail is sent to the piano technician. All updated information must be submitted at least one week prior to recital date for best support and service.

Audio/Video and Live Streaming Support: When you request audio/video and live streaming support on the ‘Recital Questionnaire’ an e-mail is sent to Luis Henao. All updated information must be submitted at least one week prior to recital date for best support and service.

Concert Poster Policy can be found here

CONTACT US: If you have any questions or need assistance concerning any of these instructions, please contact us at theater@schoolofmusic.ucla.edu

Updated 10/16/17