The following are lists of selected forms for various enrollment and academic petitions by department and program. It’s important to note that a submission of any petition is a request for an exception, not an approval. Each petition goes through a rigorous review process. Therefore, your petitions need to be exceptional in nature and come with a rare and compelling justification. NOTE: Before submitting any petitions, please see your academic advisor for more information.


  • Filing Fee: Eligibility to use the Filing Fee in lieu of registration. Filing Fee is intended for students who are in good academic standing and who have completed all degree requirements except for filing their dissertation or thesis, submitting their capstone project, or taking their comprehensive exam.
  • In-Absentia Registration: When a full-time registered student who has an academic need to conduct research outside of CA.
  • Leave of Absence: Use this form to request a leave of absence from graduate study at UCLA.
  • Language Petition: To complete your language requirement, you’ll need to let Graduate Division know which language exam or coursework you’ve taken. Needs a department recommendation.
  • Master’s Advancement to Candidacy Petition: A student must file the applicable Master’s Advancement to Candidacy form with their major department no later than the second week of the quarter in which the award of the degree is expected.
  • Nomination of Doctoral Committee: Form and requirements governing nomination of doctoral committee.
  • Nomination of Master’s Thesis Committee: Form and requirements governing nomination of a master’s thesis committee.