With the guidance of the Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management, students are ultimately responsible for their quarterly course registration. Registration includes enrolling in courses that correspond to their degree requirements and meeting the School of Music’s enrollment deadlines.


Enrollment occurs over the span of 3 passes periods: priority, first, second. Based on units completed and priority status, appointments are assigned randomly within pass time periods. Exact enrollment times are available through MyUCLA; it is the student’s responsibility to check their appointments and register on time. Priority Pass allows students to enroll up to 10 units; First Pass allows students to enroll in up to 10 units; Second Pass allows students to enroll in up to study list unit maximum.


All students in the School of Music must follow the School’s enrollment deadlines. In the rare occasion that a student misses an enrollment deadline, the student may submit petition for an exception. Petitions are requests subject to meticulous review by the School and do not guarantee approval. All students are permitted three approved petitions during their entire tenure at the School of Music. Additional petitions are rarely approved and require further review.

Enrollment Deadlines
Friday of 2nd Week: Last day to drop impacted courses and to make changes to study list without a fee
Friday of 3rd Week: Last day to add courses
Friday of 4th Week: Last day to drop non-impacted courses
Friday of 6th Week: Last day to change grading basis


Students who wish to take more than 20 units in any quarter must submit a progress petition for such request. The petition should include the proposed study list for the quarter, the amount of units, and the reason why the student is requesting approval for a unit increase. All requests are subject to the School’s review and do not guarantee approval.


Any requested changes to a student’s study list after enrollment deadlines must be approved by OSSEM, and, if approved, the student will be assessed late fees accordingly. Petitions can be obtained from OSSEM in 1642 Schoenberg Music Building.

All students in the School of Music are granted only three approved petitions during their academic career in the School, so please be mindful of your registration and enrollment.