Located at the Herb Alpert School of Music OMC #150 (Across from the OMC café)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate care and imagination with regard to recording arts, expand our students’ daily way of listening, and facilitate collaborations among performance, composition, education, arts, sciences, and humanities. We do so by offering a designed acoustic space, state-of-the-art equipment, staff expertise, and generous studio time. By supporting faculty and students’ recording projects and music technology classes, along with their development of critical listening and the production of sound libraries, we add unique value to investigations around music recording techniques, sound perception, experimentation with composition and performance, the preservation of instruments’ and voices’ sound, and critical thinking.

Quick facts

  •  Live room size: 1442 sq. ft. to accommodate 40-50 musicians
  •  Percussion isolation booth
  •  Vocal isolation booth
  •  Pro Tools HD system
  •  Console: SSL Duality 72 channels (Analog console)

Reserve the Studio

Students and faculty can reserve studio time using our online recording project application form

Recording Studio Usage Fees

While the use of the recording studio for School of Music faculty and students is generally free of charge, the recording studio committee approved a number of external and internal fees in order to rationalize and optimize the use of the recording studio.

1.     Usage fee for non-UCLA affiliated: $250/hour (engineer included)

2.     Usage fee for UCLA affiliated (other than School of Music): $150/hour (engineer included)

3.     Usage fee for external projects sponsored by the Department Chair (NB: sponsorship must be based on the project’s furthering of the educational or research mission of the department):  $75/hour

·  To sponsor external projects, the Department Chair must submit an online form

·  The $75/hour fee can be covered by the Department or by the sponsored user

·  The $75/hour fee includes the engineer rate  and administrative overhead

4.     Usage fee for students and faculty “after hours” requests: $75/hour

·  The studio has a budget to operate 40/hours a week. In the event that the studio is needed during a week where the 40 hours are already scheduled, the applicant must cover the cost of the engineer and administrative overhead ($75.00)

·  The studio is booked on a first-come-first-served model so that this fee can always be avoided with sufficient planning

5.     Late rescheduling or cancellation fee (less than two weeks’ notice)$50 per session

·  To avoid this fee, rescheduling must be requested by the sponsoring faculty at least two weeks in advance.

·  Since the studio is hiring external recording engineers, canceled sessions are very disruptive for the engineers, who may not be available for rescheduled sessions

Summary of Usage Fees

 HASoM Students and FacultyUCLA AffiliatedNot affiliated
Studio time  (including recording engineer)No charge$150.00/hour$250.00/hour
Sponsored external projects-$75/hour$75/hour
“After hours” request$75/hour--
Late cancellation penalty  ( <  2 weeks’ notice)$50/project$50/hour$50/hour
Equipment descriptionREFQty
Mixing ConsoleSSL Duality SE -72 1.0 
Surround 5.1 Speakers (L-C-R)ATC ASL300 Pro 3.0 
Surround 5.1 Speakers (LS-LR)SCM45A pro (pair)1
Surround 5.1 Speakers (subwoofer)ATC  SCM0.1-15 1.0 
Digital Audio Workstation CoreAvid Pro Tools|HDX2  1.0 
Audio interfaceAVID HD 16 Analog 3.0 
DAW Sync interfaceAVID sync 1.0 
Digital audio clockRosendahl nanoclocks GL 1.0 
Audio Effects ProcessorTC Electronics System 6000 MKII, Music 1.0 
Audio Effects ProcessorBricasti M7  2.0 
Channel stripAvalon design VT737SP 1.0 
Channel StripAMillennia STT-02 (STT-1) 2.0 
Dynamics ProcesorMillenia Media TCL-2 1.0 
EQRetro Inst 2A31
CompressorDistressor EL8X-S4
LimiterUniversal Audio’s 1176 LN1
Dynamic microphoneShure sm-57 9.0 
Dynamic microphone Shure SM-7 2.0 
Cardiod condencer microphoneShoeps CMC64G-set MK22 2.0 
Ribbon microphoneBeyerdynamic M160 2.0 
Dynamic microphoneBeyerdynamic M88 TG 2.0 
Cardiod condencer microphoneNeumann KM184 4.0 
Tube condencer microphoneNeumann M149 2.0 
Tube condencer microphoneNeumann M147 2.0 
Condencer microphoneSennheiser MKH800 2.0 
Omni condencer microphoneSennheiser MKH20 2.0 
Cardiod condencer microphoneSennheiser MKH40 4.0 
Cardiod condencer microphoneSennheiser MD421 4.0 
Ribbon microphoneColes 4038 12
Ribbon microphoneAEA R842
Condencer microphoneNeumann U87 Ai2
Tube microphoneBrauner VM12
Clip microphoneDPA 40991
HeadphonesSony MDR-750620
One ear headphones BEYERDYNAMIC DT102 400OHM/GREY50
Headphone distributorAviom AN16/I 2.0 
Headphones Net distributorAviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor 1.0 
Headphone MixerAviom A 16II 16 
Headphone distribution boxLittle Red Cue Box12
Heavy duty Mic Stand and BoomK&M 210/9 30.0 
Heavy duty short Mic Stand and BoomK&M 25950 10.0 
Desk mic stand 8" to 13" height adjustAtlas sound DS7 4.0 
Studio boom standAtlas sound SB36WE 8.0