Courses and Enrollment

The Musicology minor consists of approximately 30 units. A minimum of 22 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

Course Requirements

I. Lower Division (10 units)

  • Two lower division or GE courses in Musicology (2 courses, 10 units)

II. Upper Division (20 units)

  • Two upper division courses in Musicology (2 courses, 8 units)
    • If the course is restricted to majors only, feel free to email the instructor to introduce yourself as a minor student and ask if they would be willing to allow you to take the course.
  • Musicology 101 (4 units)
  • Two upper division courses in the School of Music: Music, Ethnomusicology, Global Jazz Studies, Musicology, or Music Industry (2 courses, 8 units)

How to Apply

Applications will open on the first day of instruction in Fall and Spring quarters at 9am PST and will close at 5pm on Friday of Week 4.

Applications will consist of:

  • Degree Planner completed from quarter of application until intended quarter of graduation showing completion of remaining major, minor, and university requirements.
  • Change of Program Petition
  • Short Essay (Prompt in Application)

All required materials can be accessed by clicking the blue words above, and will be submitted via Online Form.

Admissions decisions will be released 4-6 weeks after the conclusion of the application period. 

The application can be accessed below. The form will open at 9am on the first day of instruction of Fall and Spring quarters and will close on Friday of Week 4 at 5pm Pacific Time. 


Musicology Minor Application

Contact Information

For questions related to the application process, fulfilling requirements, and degree progress, please contact: