There is no university or departmental policy on grade scales, such as 90-100 is an A, 80-89 is a B, etc. Instructors may set up their own grading scales. They should also lay out the criteria for grading and the assignments in writing at the beginning of each quarter. Changes to the grading scale should be made only after consultation with the students. Generally, grades should be based on more than one assignment and on more than one measure, i.e. in-class examinations, performance proficiency, compositions, take-home exams, attendance, research papers, etc.

P/NP Passed/Not passed (Undergraduate students only):

If a student is enrolled in your courses Passed/Not Passed, it will be indicated on the Grade Roster under the “Remarks” heading. To receive a Passed grade (P), the student must have earned at least a “C.” If the student earned a grade of “C-” or lower, a Not Passed (NP) is appropriate.

S/U Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (Graduate students only):

To receive a Satisfactory (S) the student must have earned at least a “B.” If the student earned a grade of “B-” or lower, an Unsatisfactory (U) is appropriate.

Incomplete (I):

The grade of “I” should be assigned only when: (1) the students work is of passing quality but is incomplete; (2) the student has established to your satisfaction that the work is incomplete for good cause; (3) the student has arranged to complete the work during the next quarter he or she is enrolled. A grade of “I” means that only a small portion of the work of the course remains to be completed. The work must be completed by the end of the next quarter in which the student is registered or the “I” will lapse to an “F.”

Once the work has been completed, the following procedures must take place for the actual removal of the Incomplete:

1) You, the instructor, must obtain a UCLA Report of Academic Revision form from Music Department Advisor Allison Taka (1642 SMB), Ethnomusicology Department Advisor Brenda Galvez (1642 SMB), or Musicology Department Advisor Emily Spitz (1642)

2) Complete the form and return it to Allison or Brenda.

3) Students may check URSA online to confirm that a grade has been received.

NOTE: The grade of Incomplete should be assigned only after discussing the situation with the student. If a student has not completed all of the work for the course and has not contacted you, assign whatever grade is appropriate according to the grading scheme that you set up for the course. If the student later contacts you about the missing work, you can change the originally assigned grade using a UCLA Report of Academic Revision form (see below).


No change of grade, with the exception of “I” and “IP,” may be made on the basis of reexamination or the completion of additional work. However, if you have made a clerical or procedural error in assigning a grade, the Registrar is authorized to change it when you submit a UCLA Report of Academic Revision form obtained from Music Department Advisor Allison Taka (1642 SMB), Ethnomusicology Department Advisor Brenda Galvez (1642 SMB), or Musicology Department Advisor Emily Spitz (1642)


All UCLA grading is done online through a system called “MyUCLA.” MyUCLA also enables you to:

a) generate Permission to Enroll (PTE) numbers which give students who cannot enroll through URSA, special permission to enroll in your class
a) see the roster of enrolled students for each course that you are teaching
b) email all of the students in each course
c) submit grades

To submit grades online go to and enter your Bruin Online (BOL) logon i.d. and password. You will first see a page which asks you to indicate that you will follow Gradebook privacy policies. You will then go to a page that gives you two choices for grade submission: “Gradebook” and “Gradebook Express.” “Gradebook Express” allows you to enter final grades only; “Gradebook” allows you to calculate various scores (midterm, final, papers, quizzes) to determine the final grade.

Instructors may use MyUCLA after the deadline to report previously unsubmitted grades or to perform standard academic revisions (excluding removals of Incomplete grades) on a student-by-student basis.


Each quarter all courses, instructors, and TAs in the Departments of Ethnomusicology are evaluated using the services of the campus-wide Evaluation of Instruction Program. This program provides and processes students’ teaching evaluation forms. Teaching evaluation serves two main purposes: to provide ideas to the instructor for improving teaching and to be a source of information for such administrative decisions as promotion and merit increases.

Evaluations are now online! Go to Online Evaluations for more information.

test scoring system, which provides test scoring and analysis of multiple choice tests, is available for limited use. Go to test scoring services for more information.

Classroom videotaping is available without charge to instructors for self-improvement. Call the Evaluation of Instruction Program Office for information.