Dean’s Thematic Programming Initiative

The Inaugural Dean of The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music is soliciting proposals for public-facing events or resources of any type (concert, recital, presentation, guest speaker or performer, symposium, conference, research, community outreach project, shared web resource, social justice initiative, etc.) which can be supported with funds from the School’s augmented Faculty Opportunity Fund. Click here for the application and more information.

Fund for Guest Lecturers in Ethnomusicology and Global Jazz Studies

Funds are available for faculty in the Department of Ethnomusicology to support guest lecturers for classes (jazz studies and world music) and special events in Ethnomusicology. These funds replace funding previously available through the RU Nelson Endowment. Click here for application form.

Fund for Guest Artist Masterclasses in Western Classical Music

Funds are available for faculty in the Department of Music to support masterclasses, coachings, large ensemble sectional rehearsals, guest residencies, and performance/lectures in Western classical and contemporary music, as well as in early and baroque music. These funds replace funding previously available through the RU Nelson Endowment. Click here for information and application link.

Musicology Fund for Guest Lecturers

Funds are available for faculty in the Department of Musicology to support guest lecturers for classes and special events. These departmental funds replace School funding previously available through the RU Nelson Endowment. When a guest lecturer or performer is receiving any type of payment or honorarium for their appearance at UCLA, it is a university regulation that they cannot also have prepaid parking provided.  Any parking fees are payable by the guest, but daily parking may be added into the remuneration provided. Click here for the application form.


Academic Senate (ladder-rank) faculty are eligible for research funding in the following categories:

  1. Faculty Research Grants
  2. Faculty Travel Grants
  3. Faculty Awards

For information on how to apply for a grant or award, look here. You may also visit UCLA Academic Senate.

Once you have received an Academic Senate Grant and made expenditures against it, please turn in receipts to If you want to hire someone on your grant, contact the Academic Personnel Manager, 206-3020.

CAT (Center for Advancement of Teaching) MINI GRANTS (Previously OID)

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) provides Mini-Grants to instructors who teach regular undergraduate courses, for the purpose of defraying the cost of certain course enhancements. These funds cannot be used to supplement standard departmental supplies and expense budgets. Faculty and TAs are encouraged to apply for anything that enhances or enriches university instruction. Mini-grants are available in amounts up to $600.00 for faculty, and up to $250.00 for teaching assistants, per academic year.

Mini-Grant Program:
Mini-grants up to $600.00 per academic year are provided for small-scale projects which improve or enrich existing undergraduate courses. This includes honoraria to distinguished experts visiting undergraduate classes. ($150.00 maximum per visiting speaker.) See Guest Performers/Lecturers in Course Preparation for further information. Click here for the Mini-Grant online application information and form.