For questions about departmental scheduling contact the Chair’s Assistant for your department.

For classrooms scheduling requests (other than academic courses) go to:
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Ethnomusicology Department faculty see Donna Armstrong, 2520 SMB, 310-825-8381. You will be sent an email which states the deadline for ordering textbooks. Please place your order as far in advance of the first day of class as possible to avoid problems.


You may want to put listening examples on your course site. Please contact Chris Brennan with your requests.

Christopher M. Brennan
1102 Schoenberg Music Building


Your Bruin Card allows you access to all University libraries. See the Bruin Card home page for further information.


Music Department faculty should contact see Alix Von Bosen, 2625 SMB, 825-1932. You will be sent quarterly emails which state the deadline for ordering textbooks (which may also be ordered directly from the campus bookstore. Please place your order as far in advance of the first day of class as possible to avoid late delivery or other issues such as non-availability of text.


See Bridget RisembergHead of Circulation in the Music Library, 825-2317 to place books or listening copies on reserve. Please do this as far in advance as possible, as late orders may take much longer to fill.


Contact Bridget Risemberg, Music Library,1102 SMB, 825-1353. Please adhere to the following:

1) If the recording is owned by the Music Library or the Ethnomusicology Archive, you must provide a call number; you do not need to provide a physical copy of the recording, since they already have it.

2) If the recording is not owned by the Music Library or the Ethnomusicology Archive, you must provide a physical copy of the item as well as discographical information (the title of the sound disc, the label under which it was released, and the label number).

3) If you submit hand-made copies of commercial material, you must still submit discographical information since the Music Library must order commercial copies in order to place them online without violating copyright.

4) If the material is your own field recording, it should be designated as such.

5) Arrange to give physical copies of your materials to the library as far in advance as possible, as late orders may take much longer to fill.

6) If the sound recording is not a commercial release, the Music Library will assume that you have permission from the person who did the original recording.

For more information you may go to the Music Library website:


In some circustances, course websites may be set up through IT Support.  In general, the Music Department prefers that all courses for which an instructor wishes to have a course website, use UCLA’s CCLE.  The department utlizes the UCLA course management system, known by some as “Moodle,” but formally called “Common Collaborative Learning Environment” (CCLE).

The CCLE program has instructors who are trained to teach faculty how to use CCLE. We also encourage faculty to learn to use CCLE themselves. For basic instructions, see below:


1: Go to your course webpage, either through the department course websites page

or the UCLA Schedule of Classes

2: When you first get to your course webpage, it will have a “public” view, which is only the basic course information. (Potential students who are not enrolled in the course will only see this page and will not have access to syllabi, assignment sheets, etc. unless you make those materials “public”.)

3: Look at the yellow strip at the top of the course webpage. You will see a link that says “log-in.” Click this link.

4: Log in using your BOL id and password, just like with MyUCLA.

5: In the top right-hand column click on “Turn editing on”

6: By clicking on the little hand with a pencil you can edit each section, including the top course description section. The top section is the “public” view, so whatever you add can be seen by potential students as well as enrolled students. It also gives the option to enroll directly from the website.

7: To add a syllabus or other course material for download, click on the drop menu “add a resource” and click on “link to a file or website”. Give the document a name in the top box. In the “Link to a file or website” section click on the “upload a file” button. You will get a popup window and choose again “upload a file” button. You can upload several files and have them ready to be placed in the site later. Once the file is uploaded, click on the CHOOSE. This will close the window and take you back to the editing page. At the bottom click “Save and return to course” button. You can repeat this for as many documents as needed.

8: There are many options for creating folders, and uploading documents for student download. Whatever you do can be deleted, edited or moved around later, so don’t be afraid of messing things up! The only way to get used to the system is to use it.


Contact Luis Henao, AV Technician, in Room 2686, 310-206-0848, or Loren Nerell, Room B553, 310-825-5260, to schedule in-class recordings. Due to daily and special event commitments, technicians may not always be available. Please contact a technician two weeks prior to the date of the request to allow for confirmation.


Most of the classrooms and lecture halls in the Schoenberg Music Building are equipped with full audio (capable of playing CDs, albums, and cassettes), as well as DVD and VHS. The lecture halls also have microphones. A few rooms have audio only. The School’s websites now support live streaming of concerts and recitals as well as an archive of such events.  For more information, please contact: Luis Henao.


The departmental copy machine in room 2539 is to be used only for administrative materials (including course syllabi and informational handouts) and research materials. Research materials will be charged to faculty research grants. THE COPIER MAY NOT BE USED FOR INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS. These include articles, books, chapters, and music scores to be used by students.

If your students need instructional materials other than conventional textbooks, the Academic Publishing Service, 2414 Ackerman Union, 2nd Floor, 825-2831, will help you provide them with readers which they can purchase from the bookstores for a reasonable price. You may also use off-campus venues to provide similar services; names and telephone numbers are available in the main office.

The department will make ONE (1) copy of course reader materials, up to 200 pages. Projects requiring more than 200 copies must be sent to the campus copy center and require at least two days notice. Please be aware that no University policy will permit faculty and staff to overlook copyright laws, whether the materials are produced on the office copier or by a professional service. A copy of the UC Policy on the Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research is available for your perusal in the main office.